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CapDecisif Management

CapDecisif Management has been founded in 2001 with focus at investing in early-stage innovative companies with high-growth potential, and which are primarily located in the Paris Region.

Our team of experts from different sectors invests in leading technologies in Life Sciences, Information Technologies or Engineering, and sometimes at their crossroads

  • rectangle     SCR CapDecisif,
  • rectangle     FCPR CapDecisif 2,
  • rectangle     FPCI CapDecisif 3,
  • rectangle     FRCI : Regional Co-Investment Funds of the Paris Region, Île de France,
  • rectangle     G1J-IDF : Genopole 1er jour

Our multi sectorial approach has proven the relevance of sectorial risk diversification and team's cross sectorial competence in supporting entrepreneurs.
So far our approach has generated returns beyond the benchmarks of early-stage venture capital.




The Club of CapDecisif Management portfolio companies

In a fancy place such as a Parisian loft or on a boat ashore the Eiffel Tower, CapEntrepreneurs is a club gathering portfolio companies of CapDecisif Management, where entrepreneurs can get to know their peers, share their needs or challenges, and finally open up to other activities. Always in a simple and informal spirit.

Each gathering of the CapEntrepreneurs welcomes an outstanding speaker sharing his personal and professional experience, somewhat linked to entrepreneurship but not directly related to our fields of investment.

Past speakers starring:

  • rectangle    Ophélie Barès : Pastry Chef, winner of French TV Show « Who will be the next Greatest Pastry Chef ? », and former Pastry Chef of a 3 star gatronomy restaurant.
  • rectangle    Quentin Reynaud : Film Director, having released his first full-length feature film « Paris-Willouby ».
  • rectangle    Alexandre Caizergues : Pioneer of kite-surfing, Triple world champion and holder of the world record of speed on water.


A resourceful and pleasant moment, with great folks and great buffet!

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