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Investment Strategy

Investment criteria

CapDecisif Management focuses on four main criteria when looking at investment opportunities:

  • Seed venture capital (with the exception of FRCI which may invest in more mature companies) – the company must be in search of its first institutional financing.
  • Located in the Paris region – we favor companies based in the Ile-de-France region.
  • Innovative, cutting-edge technology – the company is involved in an innovative sector related to high-tech, biotechnology, health and broader life sciences, IT, software or engineering sciences.
  • CapDecisif Management invests in companies that develop a high-growth business model.

Investment Range Sums & Methods

Our investments are generally in the order of € 0.2 million to € 4 million and are issued in single or multiple installments. We also aim to increase our participation during later rounds of financing.

We can invest alone or alongside other investors sharing the same strategic business vision and values towards entrepreneurs and other various partners.

We always have an active participation in the company’s management bodies (board of directors / supervisory boards) and attach great importance to working closely with company management in the effort to create added value.

Evaluation of Application & Investment Decision

All applications are sent via electronic format to CapDecisif Management.

They are reviewed by our investment team and, when necessary, by experts working with CapDecisif Management. Selected applications are presented to an Advisory Investment Committee, which meets on a monthly basis.

The investment decision is collaborative and is ultimately made by the investment team.

The full investment process takes on average from three to nine months.