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CapDecisif 4: digital health in action!

At the end of July, we completed the first closing of our CapDecisif 4 fund, which is the sixth fund managed by CapDecisif Management! 

This new injection brings the assets under management of our team to over €175 million.

€40 million are already committed and advanced discussions are underway with several investors, meaning we are well on the way to reaching our fundraising objective of €50 million.

This new fund will target seed investments in Digital Health, as well as in the Healthcare and Digital sectors. It will Invest in France and in Western Europe, where several of our portfolio companies are already established.

This new fund is a first for CapDecisif Management and has been subscribed to by corporate investors, particularly stakeholders in the Health and Wellness industries with a strategic interest in the rapidly accelerating Digital Health sector, where a multi-corporate strategy makes perfect sense given the global upheaval in its value chain. It has therefore attracted investments from the L’Occitane (cosmetics), Philips (medical equipment), Vivalto (clinics and accommodation facilities for dependent elderly people) and Pradeyrol Développement (clinics) groups, which are especially interested in this fast-growing sector.

Our experience as leading investor in Voluntis, which is a European pioneer in this sector and was listed on Euronext last May, made us realise the need to approach Digital Health solutions from the perspective of those actively involved in the Health and Wellness value chain. It is what inspired us to create E-Health 360°, a think tank dedicated to the CapDecisif 4 fund in which our investors with a strategic interest in Digital Health will participate, along with experts from unique backgrounds with whom we are already working.

It Is also worth noting that most of our subscribers are entrepreneurs! This is thanks largely to our team’s entrepreneurial culture and confirms the benefits of taking a hands-on approach to early-stage investment.

A warm thank you to our partners for their trust, we are looking forward to this new period of collaboration!