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Plasmabiotics acquired by Pentax

Plasmabiotics was created in 2011 by Daniel Vinteler with the aim of revolutionising endoscope disinfection methods. Instead of washing endoscopes with a powerful and harmful detergent, the company proposed to “gas” the bacteria in the device using a plasma gas.

Pentax Medical acquired the company, enabling CapDecisif Management to return 3,6x!

Several companies had already addressed the problem of endoscopes disinfection and availability, but all failed! CapDecisif Management invested in April 2012 seeing a breakthrough in plasma technology!

An example of pivot and entrepreneurial resilience
Plasma technology is sensitive, this is true, and we’ve learned it! After several unsuccessful attempts over a three-year period, it was time to face facts: the technology was not as efficient as the “gold standard” liquid version. The original project had to be abandoned.

But Daniel has a great ability to bounce pivot and bounce! As a result of working extensively with the hospital teams in charge of maintaining and storing endoscopes, he realised that once washed the humid endoscopes had a nasty habit of rapidly become contaminated with bacteria again. With this in mind, he converted his disinfection apparatus into a drying apparatus, and as a result managed to extend the endoscopes’ duration of use by several days.

Lots of hospitals quickly equipped themselves with the device, piquing the interest of several manufacturers, including Pentax Medical, which decided to buy the company in 2018 thus offering CapDecisif a great opportunity to exit having made a net 3.6x profit.