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CNES selected CapDecisif Management to manage CosmiCapital

CNES has selected CapDecisif Management to set up and manage CosmiCapital, a capital innovation fund designed to invest in space industry businesses and applications.

A subsidiary of CNES, Telespace Participation, whose mission is to acquire minority stakes in innovative companies, issued a call for tenders in November 2017. CapDecisif Management has been selected based on its performance and recognition on the venture capital market, as well as for its knowledge and vision of the potential of space-related businesses.

CosmiCapital, which will be the first French investment fund dedicated to space. The fund aims to raise between €80 and €100 million from institutional and corporate investors to invest in European start-ups. CosmiCapital will help to raise the profile of space and will promote the development of space-related services.

A dedicated team with strong space-related experience will manage the fund from Paris and Toulouse, where CapDecisif Management will open an office.

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