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End of July we have completed the first closing of CapDecisif 4, the sixth fund managed by CapDecisif Management! This new vehicle brings us to €175 millions assets under management.

This new fund targets early stage investments in Digital Health, as well as in the Healthcare and Digital sectors, in France and Western Europe.

A specific multi-corporate approach has been set-up to invest in Digital Health with industry leaders.

€40 million are already committed and advanced discussions are underway with several investors, with our €50 million target at reach!


In April 2018, CapDecisif Management, with the Paris Region Venture Fund, and FaDièse sold their stake in Comitéo (Alter CE) to Natixis.

CapDecisif Management recorded a 7.5-fold return on investment for the Paris Region Venture Fund!


Voluntis is THE European pioneer in Digital Health, and one more time the company has been the first of its kind, being the first Digital Therapeutics company listed on Euronext Paris with a €30,1m IPO!

Founded in 2001, at a time when e-health and telemedicine were mere concepts, it now specialises in therapeutic software. CapDecisif Management is the first VC having invested in Voluntis back in 2006. This is the 5th IPO for one of our portfolio companies!


Plasmabiotics was created in 2011 by Daniel Vinteler with the aim of revolutionising endoscope disinfection methods. Instead of washing endoscopes with a powerful and harmful detergent, the company proposed to “gas” the bacteria in the device using a plasma gas.

CapDecisif is happy to welcome Wisebatt into its portfolio! This startup run an innovative platform for electronic prototyping and has just completed a first financing round of €1 million.