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On 18 April, the CNES chose CapDecisif Management to manage a new investment fund dedicated to the space industry and all related applications. After a difficult selection process lasting several months, the CNES showed its faith in CapDecisif by selecting its experienced team of investors known for their strong track record in the Technology and Digital industries and the company’s excellent past performance.

CapDecisif Management announces the first closing of venture capital fund CapDecisif 4, building a multi-corporate strategy to address Digital Health.

TRiCares Closes €22 Million ($25.4 Million) Series B Financing Round to Fund Development of Minimally Invasive Treatment of Tricuspid Regurgitation

Voluntis, a pioneer and global leader in Digital Thrapeutics is now listed on Euronext Paris after a €30,1m IPO.

CNES launches CosmiCapital, a venture capital fund designed to invest in space industry businesses and applications.
The fund, aiming €80m to €100m, will be managed by CapDecisif Management, and invested in European start-ups.