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inceptoIncepto confirmed its goal to become a European leader of artificial intelligence in medical imaging by raising 5.6M€ from three funds, including CapDecisif Management.

neelogyNeelogy has developed an innovative solution for continuous current measurements based on super paramagnetic material.

cozycozyThe digital company can see further, after raising 4M€ from different actors including CapDecisif Management.

CapDecisif Management annonce l’évolution importante de sa gouvernance et de son capital.

  • Jérôme Snollaerts, co-fondateur et président du Directoire de CapDecisif Management devient Senior Advisor de la société de gestion.
  • Olivier Dubuisson, co-fondateur de la société de gestion devient Président du Directoire.
  • Catherine Boule, auparavant membre du Directoire devient Directrice Générale de CapDecisif Management.

Pour en savoir plus, télécharger le communiqué de presse, ici

Ifremer, the French Research Institute for Exploitation of the Sea, has joined CosmiCapital, our new fund dedicated to space enabled Digital and Tech solutions, as a sponsor and partner.

Ifremer is a French institute that undertakes research and expert assessments to advance knowledge on the oceans and their resources, monitor the marine environment and promote the sustainable development of maritime activities.