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TRicares’s objective develop a percutaneous medical device to treat tricuspid valves failure.

Ugloo is a data backup system and archive solution directly onto desktops and not in datacenter. The solution is based on an internationally patented peer-to-peer network technology.

This solution has two main advantages: first, it offers unprecendeted security because the data is fragmented and encrypted before being stored in house in the existing computer park, secondly, by using existing hardware Ugloo’s solution is much more efficient on both economical and ecological standpoints.

Sevenhugs offers simple and beautiful smart-home products for all the family.

Sevenhugs Smart Remote is the world's first contextual remote to control anything at home with just one touch.

AppScho is a mobile plug-and-play mobile technology dedicated to Higher Education, which help institutions to improve student engagement with an efficacy-driven app.

Bnbsitter is a digital platform that revolutionizes vacation rentals with on-demand conciergerie services.