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TRicares’s objective develop a percutaneous medical device to treat tricuspid valves failure.

Ugloo is a data backup system and archive solution directly onto desktops and not in datacenter. The solution is based on an internationally patented peer-to-peer network technology.

This solution has two main advantages: first, it offers unprecendeted security because the data is fragmented and encrypted before being stored in house in the existing computer park, secondly, by using existing hardware Ugloo’s solution is much more efficient on both economical and ecological standpoints.

Development and commercialization of animal health vaccines against Apicomplexe parasites.

Development of a new non-viral gene therapy process for sustained therapeutic proteins production to treat eye diseases. This is an original, single-use electrotransport device adapted for the treatment of various ocular diseases.


ALGAIA offers Natural Products and Solutions issued from Eco-friendly bio-industrial technologies for the Agro-Nutrition, Personal Care and Pharmaceutical industries.